Sorting It Out: An Insight Into The Rubbish Removal Business

Skip Bin Rental: Controlling the Expenses in Your Suburban Home

The waste management plan for residential rubbish during annual cleaning, landscape improvement and refurbishment projects should be thorough. If proper collection and disposal of the generated waste is not upheld, there will be risk of littering and even breeding of pests. Moreover, if your home is managed by a homeowners' association or another similar authority, penalties will be imposed for irresponsible handling of waste. Therefore, you should think about renting a skip bin. This service will allow you to place all the rubbish into a large containment and the rental company will pick it up when the agreed-upon period is over. If you are concerned about the rental costs, here are tips to help you control the total skip bin expenses.

Know Capacity and Restricted Materials

If you use the skip bin in violation to the regulations, financial penalties will be imposed by the waste management company. Moreover, your waste can be rejected and you will be forced to rectify the collection mistake before the rubbish can be collected. Therefore, when renting the skip bin, you should inquire about the maximum capacity for the container. Ensure that the materials are never above the threshold in either weight or volume to avoid rejection and subsequent inconvenience. In addition, you should also know the restricted materials that must never be placed into the bin. For example, paint, putrefying food and asbestos should not be placed into the bin. If you violate this restriction, you might be required to pay for the cleaning of the contaminated bin or even be banned from skip bin rental.

Place the Bin Properly

You can incur extra costs with regard to waste management if you place your bin inappropriately after it is delivered. Ideally, you should place the skip bin within the boundaries of your property. This will prevent neighbours from using your skip bin and filling it prematurely or irresponsibly. In addition, the council might impose a fine if the container is on public land. However, if there is no space in your property, consult the local authority for a permit before the bin is delivered. Also, elevate the bin to avoid scraping the driveway or killing the grass.

Consider Cost-Sharing

Finally, if you are hiring a bin for projects such as spring cleaning or lopping that are performed in the same general timeframe in your residential region, consider cost-sharing with your neighbours. You can hire a larger bin and pay equal shares since the individual price will be lower compared to renting several smaller ones.

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