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Top 3 Tips On How to Fill the Skip Bin Correctly

Do you have a huge clean-up project in your home or office? Well, one of the key things you need to do is to get the entire process started is to get a skip bin. But what's the best skip bin size you should hire from your local skip bin services providing company? How will you fill it efficiently? Are there some weight restrictions? This article will provide insights on how to fill your bin perfectly.

Select a suitable skip bin

Before contacting the skip bin service company, it's important to find out the skip space you require.  Service providers offer a wide range of sizes depending on the customer's use, and the cost for each size will vary depending on the required cubic meterage. If you can't place all the items in a skip bin in one go, consider grouping them by shape and size. This allows you to decide where to place them and how you'll utilise the space well.

Pack the bin efficiently and tightly

Once you have chosen the right skip bin for the job, the next step is to pack it carefully to maximise the available space. Always begin with the flat items such as plywood, sheet metal or unwanted timber because these items can lie flat. Consider placing such items in the same direction. Next is to add the bulky and heavy items. Any big items should be broken down into smaller pieces, and if you have furniture, get rid of the legs and arms. Don't forget to disassemble the old appliances if you have any. Lightweight items such as old paperwork and green waste should go on top.

Do not forget to distribute the weight evenly as you fill the skip bin. This will minimise the risk of tipping over during transportation once it's full.

Don't over-fill the skip bin

As you fill the bin, remember that it's illegal to fill it above the rim. This rule is part of the health and safety legislation the government has put in place, making it unlawful to transport any kind or waste container beyond its actual dimensional bounds. An overfilled skip bin isn't safe for travel, so the service provider will not take the risk of incurring a heavy fine just because your skip bin is overfilled. Prevent air pockets, and you will be able to pack tightly and avoid overfilling the bin since space is well-utilised.

For more information on what types of bins are available, like Sharps collection bins, contact a local skip bin company today.