Sorting It Out: An Insight Into The Rubbish Removal Business

Don't Skip With Waste

If you're looking to undertake a house renovation and are worried about the amount of waste you'll have to get rid of, then look no further. Skip bins are one of the most effective ways to remove waste, plus if you hire from a reputable local company, you can be guaranteed that the waste will be disposed off effectively and ethically. The Australian Government's Department of the Environment and Energy is on a mission to clean up Australia's green spaces, and so by using a skip bin, you can ensure that the waste isn't being thrown into the wrong place, harming the environment. In some cases, you can even help some of it to be recycled. 

What Size Do You Need?

Getting the right size of skip bin is a bit of an art. They are often measured in square feet, which doesn't mean much if you're not used to working with them. However, for the average person, there are simple guides online that convert bin sizes into the amount of full black bin bags that they hold. This is much more helpful, but if you're still confused ,you should be able to contact any decent rental company, explain your project and get a fairly accurate estimate. If you don't get the right size, though, don't fret; you'll be able to organise weekly collections, which will help to dispose of the waste so that it doesn't build up and overflow. 

What Options Do You Have?

Before hiring, explain to the rental company what type of waste you'll be throwing away. In some cases, you won't be able to combine different waste types; for example, organic plant matter shouldn't be disposed of with building materials or anything toxic. If this means you need more than one skip, then consider prioritising your work so you can focus on removing the same kind of waste at the same time, thus meaning you only need to hire one skip. Just be careful as some waste can rot and smell if left in the rain, and toxic materials can blow into the surrounding area if it's windy. The best thing to do is hire a lid as well to contain the contents, but also to prevent others from using your bin to throw away their junk. You don't want to be landed with a fee just because a couch ended up with all of your garden leaves and grass.