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2 Ways Skip Bin Hires Protect the Environment

Using a skip bin hire company is a great way of removing waste your property or business in a quick and convenient way. The skip bin company will be happy to deposit a bin at a location so it can be filled. Once you have filled your skip bin, you simply need to call the hire company, and they will send a contractor out to collect the bin and take it away. However, hiring a skip bin doesn't just help you, it also helps to preserve the natural environment. Below is a guide to 2 ways in which using a skip bin helps to protect your local environment:

Skip Bin Hire Companies Prevent Hazardous Substances Entering the Environment

There is a range of different skip bins on the market which is designed to hold different types of waste. When contacting a hire company, you should explain the type of waste you wish to dispose of so that the contractor can recommend the best type of skip bin for you. The types of waste which are permitted are your general household waste, garden waste, and construction or demolition waste. You should never dispose of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead or toxic paints in a hired skip bin. This is because standard skip bins are not designed to contain such items. If you place hazardous materials in a skip bin, it is likely they will leak or release dust particles into the wind which pose a serious health risk to the local community. The majority of skip bin hire companies will not accept hazardous substances and will instead provide information about how you can properly and legally dispose of the toxic material. If you attempt to dispose of prohibited material in your hired skip bin, it is likely that you will face a considerable fine.

Skip Bin Hire Companies Promote Recycling

In the past, before hiring skip bins became popular, many people would just load a truck or car up with their junk and dump it all at the local landfill site. However, when you hire a skip bin, you will be encouraged to recycle. The skip bin company can provide skips which are split into sections for different materials. For example, if you are renovating a house garden, you may be disposing or wooden window frames and floorboards, grass and tree cuttings, or old metal fixtures and fittings. By separating out the wood, organic and metal waste, the skip bin company can then recycle it. The wood can be broken down and used to create new composite wooden materials. Garden waste can be used to make compost which will help other plants to grow and metal can be melted down and recast so it can be used again. Saving all of this material from landfill helps to protect the environment and the world's natural resources.

If you would like further information about hiring a skip bin, you should contact a skip bin hire company today.