Sorting It Out: An Insight Into The Rubbish Removal Business

Recycling Helpers

Making sure you take part in ethical rubbish removal is the cornerstone of the Australian Government's environmental plan to reduce waste buildup and protect local green areas. The Green Army plan aims to encourage people to take part in cleanup projects, which will be a fantastic way to involve local communities in regional projects. However not everyone has the time to take part due to work or family commitments. Fortunately, there are still ways you can help by preparing your own little recycling centre at home, and many opportunities to get the kids helping out. 

Recycling Bins

Recycling at home is a great way to educate the kids on different environmental issues. One of the best ways to get them involved is to help them to design your recycling bins. To make it easy for both them and yourself, get some plastic bins and line them with the appropriate bin liners provided by your local council. Then get the kids to decorate the outside with pictures of the items that should go in there. You could have different bins for paper/card, glass, plastic, organic waste and cans. They'll get excited about helping, and they can even accompany you to the tip if you ever need to get rid of larger items in order to see what happens to the waste. 

Weekly Schedule

Hopefully your local council has a dedicated collection day where you can offload your recycling bins. If not, then try to make it a habit each week to offload your rubbish at your local tip. A great way to encourage you to do this is to set a time and date and pair it with a rewarding activity such as a trip to a local bakery. Once again, the kids will enjoy the activity, and the bakery trip or whatever you choose can be used as a reward for their help throughout the week.

Compost It 

Organic waste will make up a large part of your weekly waste. Try investing in a compost heap and allow the kids to assist with the gardening. They'll be learning valuable skills, and you'll be reinforcing the recycling message. The reward this time could present itself throughout the year as different fruits and vegetables or perhaps a beautiful bunch of flowers. This will give them something to look forward to and will act as a reward throughout the seasons. 

Contact your local rubbish removal company to learn more.